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 PORK RIBS 3-1-1 METHOD               


Wash ribs with water.
Remove membrane on back of ribs.
Cut off hard bone.
Rub both sides of ribs with Mike's All Purpose Seasoning.
Rest for 1 hour or more to let the rub melt in to the ribs..
Set up cooker for indirect cooking and smoking.
Apple wood was used for the smoke. Cherry is also an excellent choice.
Cook ribs at 225 degrees for 3 hours turning once half way into the cook.
Baste or mist with a spray bottle with apple juice when you turn over the ribs
After 3 hours foil wrap ribs and add 2 to 3 oz apple juice.
Cook ribs foiled for 1 hour.
Remove ribs from foil and another hour or less to crisp up and finish the ribs.
Sauce can be applied to your ribs during this last hour .
This method is worth the time and effort for perfect ribs. It always yields tender ribs with an incredible flavor and a fantastic smoke ring.


Use a quick read thermometer to read internal cooking temps
Chill burger before cooking
Always clean and oil grates before cooking to prevent sticking
Use direct and indirect methods of cooking
Cook vegetables quickly over direct heat, then finish them off indirect
16 inch tongs are the best for turning most meats and veggies
Cook fish on a very hot, cleaned, and oiled grill, to prevent sticking
Sweet sauces should be applied during the last 5 to 10 minutes of the cook
Use a foil drip pan to help control flair ups
Remove the membrane from the back of spare ribs.