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Funny Car Chaos

Limited Reserve

Our goal for this coffee:
Purpose blended for drag racers and avid race fans. A perfectly balanced smooth coffee with great body, hints of sweet chocolate, nuts, plus the brightness of muted berries, and the nurtured finesse of a long smokey burnout with a little lingering clutch dust. Creamy mouth feel and a clean finish. Outstanding caffeine for better R/T and focus. Suitable for all brewing methods. Makes a great espresso with exceptional creama and explodes with flavor. $17.00 lb

Introducing the Primo Oval

G420Gas Grill.

Our specialty grade coffee is fresh roasted for each and every order. Over 40 coffees to choose from including our signature blends.

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Ethiopian Harrar $18.00 lb

Malawi AA $18.00 lb

Since 1976

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