In a Honey process ripe cherry is picked, sorted and pulped the same as a fully washed coffee, however after pulping the mucilage is left untouched on the bean and is sent to dry with the mucilage on. The Honey coffee is then sun-dried on raised beds to allow greater airflow during drying as the mucilage left on the bean provides the opportunity for spoiling. The result is a more full-bodied, sweeter and coffee, with less acidity. This coffee has wonderful notes of soft herbs, cocoa, and almonds with a complex finish.




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This San Sebastian one of the finest Antigua coffees grown. Nestled between three massive volcanoes at an elevation of 5,000 feet, the Antigua Valley of Guatemala produces arguably the world's finest coffee. Only here does the heirloom variety of Arabica bean known as Borbón develop such a sublimely sweet coffee fruit, with the dry climate stressing trees just enough to give the beans their tantalizingly complex flavors. Among coffee appellations, Antigua is perhaps the best of the best. This premier coffee carries a great chocolate character along with a heavy body and lingering sweetness.


Almond, Milk Chocolate, Raspberry, Vanilla notes with heavy body and medium acidity in this rare and unique microlot. This coffee comes from Hacienda Tobosi which has produced many award-winning coffees. In 2017 won 1st place in the Costa Rica Cup of Excellence and in 2018 2nd place. What is honey process?


This Santa Clara is a monumental yet elegant coffee with explosive aromatics: Papaya and orange, baker’s chocolate, sweet layered flowers (lilac, honeysuckle), pungent hints of juniper and myrrh carry intact into the cup. Brisk but juicy acidity; full, syrupy mouthfeel. A dry chocolate hint in particular carries into a deep, long finish.  Finca Hartmann was founded in 1940 by Ratibor Hartmann and continues to be operated by members of the Hartmann family, having maintained its distinction for nearly eighty years. You won't want to miss out on this one.


This small lot is a beautiful bean and is grown in the  Huatusco region of Mexico. A delicate high grown estate coffee, this Mexican single origin exhibits a soft body, with distinct floral and smooth citrus notes. These are beautifully prepared beans from one of this origin's leading estates.  Wonderful balance with nice brightness, clean full body, great mouth feel and a nice refreshing finish. Another 5 star coffee.

GUATEMALA   $17.00 lb

Another micro lot of 30 bags with this one a coming from the Coban regeion.  A Bourbon and Catuai bean make up this Finca. The high altitude and much cooler temperatures favor the slow development of the coffee cherry and produce an interesting combination of red fruit and rich dark cocoa flavors, fresh acidity and full body. The farm is just north of Guatemala City over the Sierra de Los Cuchumatanes mountain range. The coffee is a washed processed coffee giving it a cleaner finish.


Flavor: Berry, Caramel, Chocolate
Body: Heavy
Acidity: Mild
Process: Washed

Huehue is one of the non volcanic coffee producing regions of the country. Due to its topography, there are multiple micro climates which are perfect for coffee production, giving the coffee nice fruit notes. Finca Joya Grande was established in 1976 as a very small coffee plantation operation. Access to the farm at that time was very limited and fertilizers and nurseries had to be transported by horses. Given the farm's topography, coffee is the only agricultural product that can be planted but with the advantage of a superb quality production.


A wonderful cup that has creamy body and sweet acidity. Honey flavor with strawberry and cherry notes plus Caramel aromatics.

What is Honey Process?
Is a process that started in Costa Rica and spread to other countries in Central
America. At the wet mill, this process leaves some or all of the mucilage from
the coffee cherry covering the wet parchment during the drying stage.
Additionally honey process is environmentally friendly since less water is
required during the wet mill process, the ferment stage is faster and energy
used to dry it is naturally sourced.
Why Red Honey?
The color of the beans in Honey Process Coffee varies depending on the
quantity of mucilage dried on the cherry and can range from Yellow to Black.
Red Honey leaves just the right amount of mucilage, balancing the extra
emphasize of fruity, prune like flavors with the characteristic sweet taste of
honey processes coffees.


Green apple, brown sugar, and baking spice accompany the smooth body and balanced acidity of this great coffee. This preparation is exclusively received from farms more than 1,900 meters ASL in the Tarrazu region. Inspired by artisanal southeast Asian processing methods, Jaguar coffee is naturally fermented in tanks with the latest technology; hulled in special hulling machines that do not damage the still-moist coffee beans; sun-dried in a controlled environment in greenhouses on top of a special protective plastic; and, once the humidity is 11% it is immediately bagged in vacuum-sealed bags. The Jaguar coffee is processed in an environmental manner, it is depulped with an energy efficient ecological system and dried with natural drying processes. Additionally, Volcafe donates $1 for every quintal sold to the Jaguar Conservation Program in Costa Rica.


Clean rich body and balanced acidity compliment the wonderful candied walnut, cinnamon, and amaretto notes of this coffee. There is a nice lingering finish to this great Costa Rican cup. Known as the Land of the Saints, Santa María de Dota is not only beautiful, it's ideal for specialty coffee cultivation. Sheltered by the Pacific Basin Range, the weather here is calm and predictable—seven months of rain reliably transition into five months of summer. Cloud forests and bountiful springs provide plenty of moisture, and volcanic soils feed the coffee trees. Slopes are steep and altitudes are high—up to 1,900 meters ASL—leading to slow maturation. Farms in Dota are small but prolific—though the average farm size is just 3.5 hectares, producers enjoy the highest yields in the country, averaging 3,800 lbs per hectare.


This wonderful coffee is clean, balanced, deep sweetness/caramel, soft orange acidity, rich syrupy/thick body, ripe fruits, chocolate. The plantation itself ranges from 1100 to 1450 meters above sea level though the land extends above the plantation into protected forest and up to the volcanic crater at it’s peak. The forest is full of exotic wildlife with deer, mountain cats, toucans and other native animals living freely on the land.


Flavors of Apple butter, chocolate, orange zest with juicy body and balanced acidity.

A great organic microlot  with much of the coffee  shaded by beautiful Inga trees. Surrounded by a diverse environment of biological reserves and mountain ranges, the Pacavita region has ideal climatic conditions for growing coffee. Coffee plants grow in rich clay soils, mostly shaded, at elevations of up to 1,700 meters ASL in this area of western Honduras. Many producers wet mill their own coffee and dry it completely on patios, preserving the quality of their beans themselves.

Reserva Guama Danta   $17.00

Cherry, candied limes, and baking spice are the key notes with a creamy body and nice acidity. Surrounded by sweetgum forests and a sheltering mountain range that form a perfect climactic bubble, Guama Danta has an ideal, mild coffee growing climate. Farmers have been taking advantage of these conditions for the last four generations, consistently producing high-quality coffees. Surrounded by forests and reaching altitudes of 1,700 meters ASL, Guama Danta has all of the necessary conditions for growing high quality coffees. The wet and dry seasons are well defined, ensuring proper flowering and fruit development ahead of the January harvest. Many producers have small coffee farms of 1.5 hectares or less at altitudes between 1,500 and 1,700 meters ASL. The region's loamy soils are planted primarily with the leaf rust-resistant variety Lempira. Guama and fruit trees provide shade for the coffee, as well as refuge for local wildlife. Many local farmers also maintain small orchards within their farms to produce fruits for their own consumption.



Tangerine, Cocoa Butter and Caramel. Consistent Availability. Consistent Flavor.

The region of Sul de Minas represents the heart and soul of the Brazilian coffee. Although the Arabicas from this area are famous for their citric notes and medium body, this origin is seemingly underrated and less well known among foreign roasters.

About 70% of the overall harvest is produced in small farms with areas of less than 10 hectares (25 acres) and virtually all the coffee is full natural, i.e. patio-dried in the sun with the occasional use of mechanical driers to complement the drying process.

  Another perfect choice for espresso.


Really big body, sweet, thick, good acidity, touch of buttery fruit.

PERU CHONTA    $17.00 lb
Flavors of Cocoa, candied lemon, and smooth caramel with creamy body and mild acidity. The producers who contributed to this lot are Segundo Gregerio Romero Santos, Aladino Delgado Perez, Gabriel Wilfredo Delgado Perez, Idelso Davila Arias, Gloria Yanet Orrego Guevara, Humberto Burga Quispe, Gregario Delgado Perez, Domingo Perez Fernandez, Everildes Silva Alarcon, Naymes Perez Fernandez, Jose Luis Delgado Burga, Orlando Troyes Vargas, and Adan Cabrera Fernandez. These farmers each have an average of 2 to 3 hectares, harvesting their ripe cherries in the months between June and October.


Full body, rich mouth feel, sweet dutch chocolate notes. Great for espresso too!!

The Penachi is about six hours North of the Coastal city of Chiclayo, Peru. Because the area is very desolate and remote, there is very little commercial activity beyond coffee and sustenance harvesting of tropical fruit and herbs. About 100 miles inland from the Pacific Coast, there is Andes Mountain Jungle, at elevation between 110 and 1500 meters above sea level, that separates Peru from Ecuador. It is here in these mountains, that our organic coffee is grown. This area is without modern technology. Most villages, even one half hour from the main North / South highway, have only gravel roads, no electricity or telephone communication systems. But it is here, in this poorest of areas, that the farmers are working the hardest, with the most cooperation and commitment, we have been able to bring technological assistance to train them in active organic growing practices, to improve their harvesting, processing and drying methods, so their coffee will meet our quality standards.



KOPI LUWAK  $240.00 lb or $15.00 per ounce

This is the real deal from Sumatra with certification paperwork. The Asian Palm Civet eats the ripe coffee cherry and his digestive system does the rest. This coffee is naturally harvested in the wilds and not from caged animals. Rich, smooth, great body, nice earthy taste and no musty, herbal flavors.  An incredibly clean and satisfying cup. One taste and you will be hooked.

Grown in volcanic red clay gives wonderful honey and nuts aroma of this rich coffee. A complex coffee with an exotic and syrupy body with hints of chocolate, vanilla and spice. Does well as a light roast and dark roast. Certified  Organic, Rainforest Alliance, Bird Friendly (SMBC). Limited quantity.

JAVA WIB   $16.00lb 

This is a great strong coffee with decisive and full body. Clean flavor and intense aroma with a nice spiciness end up with a rich, thick mouth feel and lasting finish.


This true culture shock in a cup. These monster polished beans have great body, nice jungle spice, and a hint of citrus. The wonderful mouthfeel and lasting finish intensify as the cup cools. This is the "real deal" coffee for Iced Vietnam coffee with condensed milk. Dare you to try it!!!


Very Rare New Sumatra Raja Peaberry coffee just arrived.
Dark chocolate, floral, apricot, intense body, mild acidity, earthiness, plus a rich lingering finish for a great cup. Hand sorted  you have to give this one a try.


A very aggressive, bold coffee with a deep long finish. Loaded with flavor and caffeine. Definitely not for sissies.

Nepal AAA THE JEWEL OF ASIA   $27.00 lb
Cupping Notes :Earthy, tobacco nose. Full, velvety body, mellow acidity. Fragrant cedar/pipe tobacco, dark chocolate, savory umami, citrus, gorgeous floral notes. Very complex, almond note on the finish. Absolutely spectacular when prepared as espresso. 89 Points.

This coffee was grown at Dudh Pokhari Village in the Lamjung District at an elevation of 1,350 meters. Nepal is one of the Northernmost coffee regions in the world, and this coffee is unique in character. The farm was awarded "Best Producer of 2016' by the Nepalese Government, and 'Best Gourmet Coffee of 2016' at the 2nd International Contest of Coffee Roasted in their Countries of Origin competition in Paris.

We were lucky to procure a bag of this very special organic coffee. Nepal is a small coffee producer when judged by volume and not well-known in the specialty coffee world, but this coffee displays the remarkable quality this up and coming origin is capable of delivering. Greenland Farm has initiated ‘The Farmer Support Program (FSP)’ to enhance sustainable practices in coffee-growing regions and to help growers implement more responsible growing practices, improve the quality and size of their harvests. The farm does not use synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Most of the coffee is grown in wild forests. Coffee plantations are small, and general compost, cow, buffalo, goat or chicken manure are used as fertilizer.


Smooth rich sweet coffee with fruity and floral tones and balanced acidiy. Medium creamy body with some spice notes. This is indeed a great find and a veryunique coffee. The major coffee growing area is  located between Burma, Laos and Vietnam which is between 4500 & 5500 ft.



A rare find, this coffee will really take you back to your Ethiopian roots. Sugar cane, honey, muted berry, and a well rounded body with a clean lasting finish. This is love in a cup. While we have it you gotta to try it.

KENYA LENANA  $18.00 lb

This coffee has  juicy body, very balanced acidity to go along with the orange oil, marzipan, grape, and fruit essence.  Mt. Kenya's southern slopes are home to thousands of small coffee shambas, or gardens. Shambas are nurtured by smallholder farmers, who deliver freshly picked, ripe cherries to their cooperative pulping factories. This coffee, crafted from fully traceable sources of supply in Embu, Kirinyaga, and Nyeri counties, epitomizes a typical great Kenyan coffee. Mt. Kenya is Africa's second highest peak— reaching 5,100 meters ASL, and surrounded by ice fields. At lower altitudes, high alpine vegetation becomes thick bamboo forest and alpine rainforest. The lower slopes are home to large wild animals, notably elephant, buffalo, various antelope and giant forest hog, all of which enjoy the protection of the National Park and the forest reserve that surrounds the entire mountain. This combination of extreme altitude and equatorial location makes Mt. Kenya a particularly special coffee region. Smallholder farmers, each with around 200 trees, work together in co-ops. Each co-op owns wet mills to process their cherries. Coffee is one of the few cash crops of the area—others include dairy, macadamia nuts, and tea. Farmer cooperatives own most of the wet mills in the region, and receive freshly picked ripe cherries from their member farmers throughout the harvest season. Smallholders harvest their cherries and deliver them to the mill on the same day. Disc pulping and separation is followed by between twelve and twenty-four hours of dry fermentation, then washing and overnight underwater soaking. The resulting parchment coffee is very clean, and full of the flavors and acidity that make Kenyan coffees so famous.

UGANDA  ORGANIC   $18.00 lb

This  Bourbon coffee is an Organic, Rainforest Alliance certified coffee. It is a unique single origin coffee with a rich full body. It has tastes of toffee, caramel and molasses with deep fruit overtones. This coffee is a washed coffee with a clean finish. It coffee is grown on farms located close to the border of Kenya.


BURUNDI  $17.00 lb

Berries and sweet wine notes tell you what you hear from this coffee..


Roasted almonds, bakers chocolate, smooth rich body are all in this wonderful cup. Grown at 6600ft this washed Yirg is a real delight. Also makes a great single origin espresso.


Located in southern Ethiopia, in Oromia lands, in the lush farmlands between the traditional coffee-producing communities of Guji and Shakisso. Mormora is a larger plantation that oversees its own quality and can export directly.  Wild grown, single origin farm, direct trade – Shakisso farms coffees are grown at elevation 7000ft (2150 meters) This coffee is a sun-dried natural coffee, requiring little or no water to produce, but creating soft, fruity, sweet tones that are unmistakably Ethiopian in character. Dominant Cup Characteristics: Great clean cup, acidity bright and lemony, apricot, berry-like with caramel


Bold sweet cherry, wonderfully complex, chocolate, and incense highlight the nuances in this rare Microlot. It comes from the IBB region of Yemen. This wonderful Sundried Heirloom coffee grows at an elevation of 1900-2500M. A truly memorable cup that will keep you coming back for more.


This coffee shows the earthy, tamarind, chocolate, cardamom, pungent side of Yemen coffee. Nice acidity, great fruit , and good body. The lingering taste is a wonderful treat. Sundried on grass mats on the roofs of houses high up in the very steep and rocky mountains. This is another from the IBB region and grown around 2500M.  A wonder cup you will remember forever.


Very distinctive blueberry, spice, tobacco, and chocolate profile. Hints of wine and raisins also tickle the taste buds. This rare lot is from the Hayma region and grows at an elevation 2200-2500M. The coffee trees are spaced far apart on terraces so they don't have to compete with each other for the scarce water. This slows the development of the coffee and makes for the best Yemen coffee. This cup is naturally wild as nature intended. You won't want to miss the opportunity to try this coffee.



So you're ready to sell the cow and buy a barrel of JBM; why choose Mavis Bank Coffee Factory instead of one of the other mills? Well, Mavis Bank has history (opened in 1920, and the family that started it has been growing coffee on Blue Mountain since 1885. MBCF is one of the two largest mills in Jamaica (you can guess the name of the other, and between the two they account for at least 75% of all certified Blue Mountain coffee); what is notable is that MBCF is located about 3000 feet above sea level, not at sea level down in Kingston, so the coffee isn't subject to the fading and cup degradation we see in samples from other mills. Most of Mavis Bank's coffee goes to Japan, so we are fortunate to have some on our offering list. Smooth, mild, sweet, good body, a bit floral.


Fantastic Island flavor from Hawaii. This coffee has a rich medium body, medium acidity, and a smooth clean finish. It has a wonderful creamy mouth feel. As the cup cools its spicy character shows up with hints of cinnamon and allspice.



This is a unique special blend we created for 8 time NHRA Top Fuel Champion Tony Schumacher. Indonesia and a 7,200ft elevation Ethiopia Estate are part of what makes this coffee so great. The coffee has great body and a deep rich earthiness, coupled with some tropical hints of passion fruit and raw honey. The creamy mouth feel leads to a satisfying finish. It also has good caffeine and that helps you leave the starting line first in drag racing. Or getting your day started. Try it for a champion experience in coffee.


This is very unique, distinctive, and expressly crafted coffee blend. It is  milder and sweeter than the others.  WFO coffee has wonderful refinements in flavor with nice body, rich pleasing mouth feel, a touch of brightness, and a deep elegant finish. WFO coffee will make a great espresso and an excellent cup of coffee plus it should appeal to every coffee drinker.

PURPLE REIGN PRIDE OF '69   $17.00 lb 

This special blend has it all: Bold rich flavor, nice body, earthy smoothness, tropical floral hints, great mouth feel like maple syrup, and the perfect finish. Fresh roasted per order, whole bean or ground. Check it out!!

BANG the BLOWER   $18.00  lb

This is a wonderful blend of coffees including Indian and Sulawesi.  Bang the Blower is a little radical and really pushes the limits. It has great body, rich mouth feel, a little smokiness, and wonderful crema. Drinks great as brewed coffee too.

A-26 ESPRESSO BLEND   $18.00 lb

Our customers have made this our best selling espresso. Fantastic Crema and depth of flavor. This is also an excellent dark rich coffee.


This blend is lighter, sweeter, and smoother with world class crema.

MOCHA JAVA BLEND    $18.00 lb

Mocha Java is a 100% authentic blend of the finest coffees from North Africa and Indonesia. This coffee has a thick creamy mouth feel like maple syrup and a great earthy, wine, floral notes.. 


All the best that south America can show us. Good body and smooth, sweet, rich taste.

ISLAND BLEND 20% KONA   $25.00  lb

This is a light tropical blend where floral and the ocean meet. Made with 20% Kona Extra Fancy.

NITRO BLEND   $18.00  lb

This is a great blend that works well for brewed coffee as well as espresso.  Deep, dark rich coffees from South America, Central America, and India makes this a dark roast blend so smooth and decadent,  with an ultra clean, satisfying lingering finish. It has wonderful mouth feel and is loaded with caffeine that will sneak up on you.

KAMIKAZE 13   $17.00 lb

When you want a coffee or espresso that is "out of bounds", Kamikaze 13 is it. We are talking about awesome body, Island earthy notes, thick mouth feel, and ruff edges. The creama will float a battleship and the caffeine will take you there when your car won't. Addictive and Evil.



This coffee will really surprise your taste buds with developed sweetness, smooth cocoa, and even mild fruit notes. Its a creamy bodied cup, and with a clean finish.


Coffee remains fresh only about 21 days after it has been roasted. The coffee then  starts to become stale and loose its great flavor. Be sure to buy fresh roasted coffee in small enough quantities so you can use it up during the freshness period. We roast our coffee on demand per order. We invite you to come watch your coffee being roasted.

To get the best flavor from your coffee beans, use one tablespoon of coffee per cup of water. Using too little coffee will result in over extracting the coffee and you will have a bitter cup. If the coffee tastes too strong, then add some hot water to your cup.

Store coffee in the whole bean form and grind when you are ready to brew it. Never store your coffee in the refrigerator because it will pick up off flavors. Long term storage can be done in the freezer.

Grind your coffee as fine as your coffee filters will let you. This gives you maximum flavors from your coffee. Using a burr grinder will give a better grind than a blade type.

Keep your brewing equipment clean and always use fresh, good quality water. Use unbleached coffee filters or gold coffee baskets. 

Smell the coffee and pick up on all the wonderful hidden aromas. When tasting a new coffee, let it cool a little, then when you get it in your mouth, "chew" it. Think about how it feels in your mouth. Let it cool even more and taste it again and you find even more flavors. 

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