It all began in 1976 when we established our family owned and operated auto repair business, catering to all makes and models, but specializing in Cadilacs.  Our business expanded in 2000 when our car customers demanded that Marvin share his passion for coffee and coffee roasting with them. They wanted that wonderful aroma of freshly roasted and ground coffee in their own homes. After several months of researching, he ordered the perfect 1 lb. roaster to replace the 2oz. roaster that could no longer keep up with the demand.  We were humbled in 2003 when we realized we needed a commercial roaster to supply larger volume orders and some local coffee shops.

In 2006, yet another passion and hobby of Marvin's, cooking and grilling, transitioned into another business.  In his never-ending quest to be the best, his research of grills led to us purchasing a Primo Grill and Cooker. He took grilling to a new level.  The versatility -grill, smoker, and oven- and consistently awesome food that came off of this grill, totally sold us on it.  We were also impressed by the service and support the Primo folks in Georgia gave us.  Long story short, when they asked us to be a dealer for Primo, we couldn't refuse.  Later, they honored us with being the premier North Texas Authorized Primo Dealer.

In 2008, the grill business expanded further by adding FireMagic Gas Grills and Islands  from the RH Peterson Company in Ca. USA. for our gas grill customers. Rubs, spices, and an array of  BBQ accessories and novelties were added as well.

This year we also became authorized dealers for  Real-Fyre Gas Logs. And finally, another passion, wind chimes, led to us carrying the indescribably beautiful Corinthian Bells Windchimes line.  

So, is it any wonder that in September 2008 Marvin was presented with a very prestigious award? The Fort Worth Weekly honored him with  their Best of 2008 Jack Of All Trades award.

One thing is for sure.  You never know what you will find here next!  Just be assured,  you will find quality products, good conversation and possibly a one stop gift shop!  Where else can you come in for a tune up and be entertained with so much variety?  We are looking forward to hearing from you!.